KMDI maintainership

Matt Rogers mattr at
Mon Dec 20 04:49:28 UTC 2004


I'd like to take over KMDI maintainership. Currently, it doesn't really have a 
maintainer since the person who imported it into kdelibs has been inactive 
for quite some time. 

My initial actions as the new maintainer would be the following (not 
necessarily the order i would do them in):

- Reformat the source to my liking per the attached HACKING file
- Reassign all the KMDI bugs to and make myself the owner of the kdelibs/kmdi 
component in bugzilla
- start fixing bugs. Applicable fixes will go into kmdi2, albeit more slowly 
than kmdi1. Depending on kmdi's future, kmdi2 will be phased out in favor of 
a better behaving kmdi1 for KDE 4.

While I realize there are efforts underway to replace KMDI, I think it's 
worthwhile to give it a chance after somebody gives it a little bit of love 
rather than just replace it outright.

If there are no objections, I'll start immediately. (please cc me all replies 
that only go to kwrite-devel since i'm not subscribed there)


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