Alexander Dymo cloudtemple at mksat.net
Mon Dec 6 23:09:05 UTC 2004

CVS commit by dymo: 

Added support for profiles to the KDevelop shell.
This shell now can be easily used in all applications built on KDevelop platform. Shell customisation is done by ShellExtension class. kdevshell library is installed and necessary headers are available from $(includedir)/kdevelop/shell.
Profiles support makes it possible to get rid of TopLevel::mode hack and use _real_ profile for kdevassistant application (KDevAssistant profile, actually). 
KDevelop IDE uses "KDevelop" profile by default and therefore loads all available plugins. This may change in the near future.

To edit profiles, use kdevprofileeditor program.
To launch applications, use --profile argument, for example: "kdevelop --profile KDECppIDE" or "kdevelop --profile RubyIDE".
"kdevelop" equals to "kdevelop --profile KDevelop"
"kdevassistant" equals to "kdevassistant --profile KDevAssistant"

What does not currently work:
global plugins configuration page shows plugins but does not allow to unload them;
profiles are not switched when a project is loaded, we need to implement a method to switch the profile;
plugins do not have a way to react on profile changes or to get a current profile.

CCMAIL: kdevelop-devel at kdevelop.org
CCMAIL: quanta-devel at kde.org

  A            kdevassistantextension.cpp   1.1 [GPL (v2+)]
  A            kdevassistantextension.h   1.1 [GPL (v2+)]
  A            kdevideextension.cpp   1.1 [GPL (v2+)]
  A            kdevideextension.h   1.1 [GPL (v2+)]
  A            shellextension.cpp   1.1 [GPL (v2+)]
  A            shellextension.h   1.1 [GPL (v2+)]
  M +27 -21    Makefile.am   1.66
  M +3 -1      main.cpp   1.87
  M +3 -1      main_assistant.cpp   1.11
  M +6 -45     mainwindowshare.cpp   1.49
  M +9 -7      newmainwindow.cpp   1.30
  M +5 -5      partcontroller.cpp   1.145
  M +1 -1      partcontroller.h   1.60
  M +12 -8     partselectwidget.cpp   1.16
  M +36 -36    plugincontroller.cpp   1.39
  M +10 -4     plugincontroller.h   1.19
  M +2 -2      projectsession.cpp   1.17
  M +0 -1      toplevel.cpp   1.34
  M +0 -3      toplevel.h   1.20

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