maintainer for gdb support in kdevelop

Roberto Raggi roberto.raggi at
Sun Dec 5 23:09:06 UTC 2004

On Friday 03 December 2004 09:34, jbb wrote:
> And I suspect any speed diff has nothing to do with running MI. Certainly
> gdb doesn't run any faster and that is the main bottleneck with
> performance. (I could be wrong of course :-)
you are absolutely right!! I have played a bit with GDB/MI and the current 
implementation of the MI support in GDB is not finished yet! so we still have 
to use a mix of MI and normal GDB commands. 

more info here

> As the old maintainer, I'm still listening on email, so don't be too mean
> about my code :-) and feel free to ask question about why I did things the
> way I did.
hehehe :) I have the same problem with my code ;)

ciao robe

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