[Bug 61031] Author Name doesn't accept special characters

Albert Liu albert_lew2002 at eyou.com
Thu Sep 25 15:17:07 UTC 2003

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------- Additional Comments From albert_lew2002 at eyou.com  2003-09-25 15:16 -------
This is not due to KAboutData. It's a bug in kdevelop(gideon). 
This bug has been annoying me for a long time since I started to use kdevelop CVS. When I use 
Chinese characters (I'm Chinese) as the author name in the appwizzard for whatever project, the 
author part in the .kdevelop file of the created project is in a mass. All the characters of my name is 
replaced by a series of numbers. They're something like: {„...  
I'v browsed some part of the source code and found: When appwizzard finishes, it calls a perl script 
in the project template and passes the author name as a parameter to the script. The script then 
generates the project by using the functions in the perl file "gideon.pm", which is in 
kdevelop/parts/appwizard/common of the source tree. In "gideon.pm", a function "customHTML()" is 
called and it translates all the none-letter characters (characters other than the 26 Latin characters) 
to the strange form mentioned above. These characters are saved to the .kdevelop file, a DOM file. 
When opening the project, kdevelop uses the DOM parser of QT to parse the .kdevelop file. When 
not specified, the DOM parser decodes with UTF-8, but the author name section isn't encoded with 
UTF-8. In fact, the strange number mentioned above is the decimal form of the aothor name 
characters without any encoding process. So, when I open the general project options dialog, my 
name is in a mass. 
As UTF-8 is a good solution to i18n issues, I think this bug can be fixed by: Translate the author 
name to UTF-8 before passing it to the perl script. This may also works for other sections such as 
email address or description of the project. Use "install()" function in "gideon.pm" instead of 
"installHTML()" in the script. 
I haven't got any kdevelop CVS account, so can anyone help me?

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