[Bug 64481] classparser does not recognice links or rel. paths to sourcefiles outside project dir

Amilcar do Carmo Lucas a.lucas at tu-bs.de
Wed Sep 24 16:05:05 UTC 2003

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------- Additional Comments From a.lucas at tu-bs.de  2003-09-24 16:04 -------
I'm afraid that it isn't so simple  the point is  
PartController::editDocument(..) (defined in kdevelop/src) resolves the link  
before open the editor! so, for instance the problem reporter will not be  
enabled if you call PartController::editDocument("<project-dir>/myfile.h")  
and myfile.h is a link to /usr/include/stdio.h. Maybe a possible solution  
could be to use a dictionary that maps absolute urls to project urls,  
something like 
QMap<QString,QString> absoluteFileToProjectFile; 
absoluteFileToProjectFile[ URLUtil::canonicalPath(fileName) ] = fileName; 
where fileName is a project relative file. This dictionary can be computed  
using KDevProject::allFiles() when the project emits signals  
in this way you can check if a file is a "project file" with 
   absoluteFileToProjectFile.contains( absolute-url ) 
and the classbrowser can use the absoluteFileToProjectFile[ absolute-url ] for  
create the "folders". 
ciao robe

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