Chris Thompson chris at
Tue Sep 23 01:44:05 UTC 2003

On September 22, 2003 03:19 pm, Caleb Tennis wrote:
> Just to start some discussion (and hopefully not to start a war):
> Do we want to rename gideon back to "kdevelop" at some point in time
> (soon)? If not, then we need to think about renaming the whole project to
> gideon.

My opinion (and this opinion is almost worthless as I have reported only a 
couple of bugs and submitted only a couple of trivial doc fixes) is that it 
should be renamed 'kdevelop' when it hits beta.  Personally, I'd push for 
this to happen sooner rather than later as Gideon is already far more 
functional than KDevelop 2.x was and I find it fairly free of bugs.

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