KDE3.2 alpha 1 + Gideon CVS

Gael de Chalendar Gael.D.O.T.de-ChalendarA at Tcea.D.O.T.fr
Wed Sep 17 08:52:05 UTC 2003


Is kdevelop CVS supposed to compile with KDE3.2a1 ? I tried yesterday
with a KDE built with konstruct and it failed with an unknown method in
a MDI class. I was not able to find a reference to this method in the
API reference on the web (for both KDE3.1.3 and KDE3.2 APIs). Note that
it compiles OK with KDE3.1.3. 
If the answer is yes, I will post a better report with the precise
description of the failure this evening when I will be back to home.


Gael de Chalendar <Gael.D.O.T.de-ChalendarA at Tcea.D.O.T.fr>

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