[Bug 63781] ./configure fails when building project from SDL template

Dominik Haumann dhdev at gmx.de
Tue Sep 16 14:59:02 UTC 2003

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------- Additional Comments From dhdev at gmx.de  2003-09-16 14:58 -------
Please test again with newest CVS HEAD. Roberto (raggi) changed the file parts/appwizard/
sdlhello/configure.in and now it works for me! 
But I still get the warnings when doing "automake & friends". 
* cd /home/dh/Documents/projects/kdevelop/t3 && WANT_AUTOCONF_2_5="1" 
WANT_AUTOMAKE_1_6="1" gmake -f Makefile.cvs  
* aclocal  
* autoheader  
* WARNING: Using auxiliary files such as `acconfig.h', `config.h.bot'  
* WARNING: and `config.h.top', to define templates for `config.h.in'  
* WARNING: is deprecated and discouraged.  
* WARNING: Using the third argument of `AC_DEFINE' and  
* WARNING: `AC_DEFINE_UNQUOTED' allows to define a template without  
* WARNING: `acconfig.h':  
* WARNING: [Define if a function `main' is needed.])  
* WARNING: More sophisticated templates can also be produced, see the  
* WARNING: documentation.  
* automake  
* autoconf  
* *** Success ***

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