[Bug 64081] Shows warning "file modified on disc" whenever I save a file

Roberto Raggi roberto at kdevelop.org
Tue Sep 16 11:10:05 UTC 2003

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Thanks a lot for your very detailed informations ;)
maybe this bug can be fixed in kate part. From what I've understand, kate 
doesn't check the ctime if the file is *dirty*! maybe, if kate will check the 
ctime before emit the IamChanged() signal the problem will be solved.

ciao robe

On Monday 15 September 2003 18:11, tim at electronghost.co.uk wrote:
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> http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=64081
> ------- Additional Comments From tim at electronghost.co.uk  2003-09-15 18:11
> ------- Kate removes the file from the watch list before saving and adds it
> again afterwards. This is its strategy for trying not to get change
> notifications for changes it caused itself. In standalone kate, it works.
> However, there is somebody else watching it at that point
> (kdevelop/src/partcontroller.cpp line 437) so kdirwatch never actually
> removes it from the watch list.
> This means it doesn't get statted on re-adding because it's already there,
> and there's now a race. Kate removes-writes-adds before FAM gets around to
> checking, and lo and behold, when it does check, the file has changed.
> Observe some debug output from gideon immediately following a save:
> kio (KDirWatch): Added already watched Entry /home/tim/cvs/taskmaster/src/
> taskmastermainwidget.h (now 2 clients) [KDirWatch-3]
> kdevelop (core): MainWindowIDEAl::slotPartJobCompleted()
> gideon: BookmarksPart::reload()
> kdevelop (core): dcop emitting savedFile /home/tim/cvs/taskmaster/src/
> taskmastermainwidget.h
> kio (KDirWatch): Processing FAM event (FAMChanged,
> /home/tim/cvs/taskmaster/src/ taskmastermainwidget.h, Req 3)
> kio (KDirWatch): KDirWatch-1 emitting dirty /home/tim/cvs/taskmaster/src/
> taskmastermainwidget.h
> kio (KDirWatch): KDirWatch-3 emitting dirty /home/tim/cvs/taskmaster/src/
> taskmastermainwidget.h
> Note how the FAM event comes in *after* the "adding already watched entry".
> KDirWatch could fix this problem by forcing a recheck of a file's status
> whenever something adds an already monitored file, just before adding the
> requestor to the list of interested parties.
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