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Fredrik Edemar Fredrik.Edemar at edu.taby.se
Sun Sep 14 21:48:11 UTC 2003


>söndag 14 september 2003 20:31 skrev Robert Jonsson:
> Hej Fredrik,
> Sunday 14 September 2003 20:23 skrev Fredrik Edemar:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I had the same problem too. It seemed that KDevelop couln't find the
> > plugins. I tried with a re-installation of kdelibs, kdebase and
> > kdevelop, but it didn't helped. Finally, I solved it with replacing the
> > functioncall "KService::serviceByName" with
> > "KService::serviceByDesktopName" in
> Ah, any idea why this happens, what is the difference?

In the KDE API-reference for CVS-HEAD it stands:

" KService::Ptr KService::serviceByName ( const QString &  _name)[static]
Find a service by name, i.e.
the translated Name field. You should really not use this method, since the name is translated."


"KService::Ptr KService::serviceByDesktopName( const QString & _name)[static]
Find a service by the name of its desktop file, not depending on its actual location (as long as it's under the applnk or service directories).
For instance "konqbrowser" or "kcookiejar". Note that the ".desktop" extension is implicit.
This is the recommended method (safe even if the user moves stuff) but note that it assumes that no two entries have the same filename."

I don't exactly know why it didn't worked for me before, maybe because I had Swedish as KDE-language, and therefore the names of the services were translated, so that KIO(I think) didn't found them.

> Should the change be included in gideon?

Yes, you simply replace "KService::serviceByName" with "KService::serviceByDesktopName" in all source files of KDevelop. The files that are needed to be changed are listed below below.
Then just type "make" to re-compile everything.

> > parts/adaproject/adaproject_part.cpp
> > parts/autoproject/configureoptionswidget.cpp
> > parts/autoproject/misc.cpp
> > parts/autoproject/subprojectoptionsdlg.cpp
> > parts/diff/diffwidget.cpp
> > parts/haskellproject/haskellproject_part.cpp
> > parts/pascalproject/pascalproject_part.cpp
> > src/projectmanager.cpp
> >
> > Maybe that could help you.
> I'll try later.
> Thanks,
> Robert

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