Caleb Tennis caleb at
Wed Sep 10 15:01:03 UTC 2003

On Wednesday 10 September 2003 06:21 am, falk.brettschneider at wrote:
> Being in the release cycle of KDE means:
> 1.) only Dirk Müller sets the release tags in Cvs, means the alpha6 release
> tag is _identical_ to the KDE-3.2-a1 relase tag. No different or extra tag.
> 2.) there's no need to build any packages, neither source nor binary ones.
> This is fully done by the KDE packagers.
> 3.) The announcements are made by the KDE release guys.

You are absolutely correct.  But there are three small issues:

1. Alpha_6 *should* have been tagged before the kde-3.2-a1 was tagged.  This 
was a delay on my part, but that's what should have happened.

2. I don't think that Coolo is going to officially release 3.2-a1 because it's 
so buggy.  Thus, it may be helpful to have this package.

3. What will be in alpha_6 is actually not quite synced to 3.2-a1 because of 
some fixes that have happened since.

So, I say that YES, we will let Coolo handle the packaging for KDevelop 
(which, by the way, has already been taken care of) for the future.  This is 
the last one that will be done by hand (unless some branch or fork comes 
along in which it is necessary to create a new package).


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