[Bug 61263] find callers of functions

Alexey Arzamasov AArzamasov at kkb.kz
Tue Sep 9 10:02:05 UTC 2003

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------- Additional Comments From AArzamasov at kkb.kz  2003-09-09 10:01 -------
I guess the feature you are talking about is like a 'Find Usage' feature as it works in 
IntelliJ IDEA (Java IDE), so, this is good. I just want to add here, a some behaviour 
one could add while implelemnting this feature. Along with having a 'Find Usage' 
feature wich produce a list of places in the project like the 'Grep' do, is would be very 
nice to have an 'Hightlight Usage' feature wich is just hightlight the usage of a function 
or a variable in the currect file only and do not produce any windows. Having binded 
this to some shortcut is very handy. Look how it works: 
 - The user presses Alt+Shift+F7 (e.g.) 
 - Gideon hightligh the usage of currenlty selected funciton/variable (or one which is 
under the cursor and not selected) 
 - User got the response, make his/her mind clear about the usage 
 - User press Esc and hightligh turned off.

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