homepage update

Sandy Meier smeier at kdevelop.org
Mon Sep 8 00:49:02 UTC 2003


I see Amilcar reorganize the homepage a lot (move KDevelop 2.x stuff, to 
get space for KDevelop 3). I'm still in contact with him to make also the 
API docu and user manual available on homepage. (generated from cvs)

One problem I think is the current menu structure, with take much space and 
is not easy to read. I would suggest following.


logo is on top, fonts are smaller, header for "modules" are smaller. (the 
right side has to be fixed, its still in old size)
Maybe you can take a look and if nobody will complain to much, I think we 
should use it.:-)

I already removed the link to guestbook (is overflooded with spam so we 
have to take it offline) and I think many old stuff is also linked. For 
instance "i18n" page.
Also many broken links have to fix I think.


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