Gideon manual questions - graphical class browser

Alexander Dymo cloudtemple at
Sun Sep 7 20:16:02 UTC 2003

On Saturday 06 September 2003 22:48, Bernd Pol wrote:
> In order to write the manual, I am trying to familiarize myself with
> different aspects of Gideon. Unfortunately I'll have to ask quite a few
> REALLY DUMB questions. So please be patient. :-)
Thanks for working on documentation! We are always glad to answer
any your question :)

> Any answer is appreciated. Just some short summary mostly suffices to get a
> hint. It's all about to have some starting points for own experimentation.
> -----------------
> Well, here comes the first set of REALLY DUMB questions:
> - What is the graphical class browser supposed to do?
>   (I see some class dependencies tree with the class in question
> highlighted depending on what was selected in the toolbar classes field. No
> other action is possible. - Somewhere it was stated that there should be
> some kind of navigation possible. Did I miss something viable?)
There were some changes to class stores so not all class browser functionality
is ported.

> - Are there any options to set in order to generate special graphical info
> at compile time?
>   (It is because some projects show me a rather detailed view, yet on
> another I only got a meagre DCOP interface dependency shown.)
Graphical class view shows only inheritance relations between classes,
that is why you don't see all classes there.

> - Currently I only get at it through the browser toolbar, class browser
> actions button. Are there other access posibilities (menu, mouse clicks,
> etc.)?
"Classes" window belongs to the classbrowser too. But no menu actions.
I don't know if we should have those.

Alexander Dymo
Ukrainian State Maritime Technical University, IT Department

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