still crashing when closing files - HistoryPart ?

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Sat Sep 6 22:32:04 UTC 2003

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> Hi Daniel,
> please, can you post the backtrace?


after updating CVS today, I traced this crash myself for a while ...

I found, when commenting out lines 311-313 in parts/history/historypart.cpp
311	for( ; it.current(); ++it)
312	   if(it.current()->m_part == part)
313	      m_history.remove(it.current());
gideon does not crash. This is only 4 steps up the crash point. I'm not
involved enough to trace it any further ... and time is too short to really
get involved :(

BTW, it seems unlikely, but:
 * when opening/closing a file using the menu, the backtraces
   are reliable equivalent
 * opening using the shortcut [Ctrl+O] respectivly [Ctrl+W] when closing
   backtraces vary

I even had times when HistoryPart::m_history was _empty_, the file then
could be closed (when using shortcuts only), gideon was still alive.

Does this tell anybody anything?


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