Gideon manual questions - graphical class browser

Bernd Pol bernd.pol at
Sat Sep 6 21:52:04 UTC 2003

Hi all,

I need your help.
In order to write the manual, I am trying to familiarize myself with different 
aspects of Gideon. Unfortunately I'll have to ask quite a few REALLY DUMB 
questions. So please be patient. :-)
Any answer is appreciated. Just some short summary mostly suffices to get a 
hint. It's all about to have some starting points for own experimentation.
Well, here comes the first set of REALLY DUMB questions:

- What is the graphical class browser supposed to do?
  (I see some class dependencies tree with the class in question highlighted 
depending on what was selected in the toolbar classes field. No other action 
is possible. - Somewhere it was stated that there should be some kind of
navigation possible. Did I miss something viable?)

- Are there any options to set in order to generate special graphical info at 
compile time?
  (It is because some projects show me a rather detailed view, yet on another 
I only got a meagre DCOP interface dependency shown.)

- Currently I only get at it through the browser toolbar, class browser 
actions button. Are there other access posibilities (menu, mouse clicks, 

- Is there more detailed information on KDevelop class browers available? (I 
got the manuals for 1.1 and 2.x, but am looking for anything else. Google 
didn't help much.)

Thanks in advance

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