[Bug 63325] ideal mode ALT+U clashes with buildmenu ALT+U

Harald Fernengel harry at bnro.de
Thu Sep 4 23:09:03 UTC 2003


On Friday 05 September 2003 01:02, Dominik Haumann wrote:
> > ------- Fixed in CVS, build is ALT-I now
> Hm...
> I think it would be greate to have the same shortcuts in gideon and in
> kate. kate uses:
> CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+l,r,t,b...
> and mabe ALT+I crashes with a menu entry in other languages.
> Please talk to anders, jowenn or cullmann in #kate to solve...

they can be freely configured, and no, I refuse to put a commonly used 
keybinding on CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+Something :)


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