still crashing when closing files

Daniel Franke daniel.franke at
Thu Sep 4 18:42:04 UTC 2003

Hi all!

My gideon (current CVS) still keeps crashing when closing any file.
I already deleted everything that seemed to be part of gideon by hand before
reinstalling again. 'gmake uninstall' didn't do the trick either.
May someone be so kind to set up a step-by-step list to get completely rid
of an gideon installation, so it can be reinstalled without any old files

Any help would be appreciated deeply!
Thanks in advance!


Dipl.-Math. (FH) Daniel Franke
Institut fuer Medizinische Biometrie und Statistik
Medizinische Universitaet zu Luebeck
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23538 Luebeck
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