Patch: Window Menu

Heinz Hornung Hornung-Heinz at
Mon Sep 30 17:37:36 UTC 2002

Hello kdevelop-team,
the window menu of gideon supplied from parts/windowmenupart lacks a number of 
entries (Close, Tile, ...). The patch "windowmenu.patch" ads those missing 
entries for both SDI and MDI modes. I uploaded it to your ftp server.

The patch replaces the old windowmenu of parts/windowmenu/... Therefore, this 
part has to be deleted. The patch changes the makefiles accordingly, but does 
not delete the subdirectory kdvelop/parts/windowmenu.

For MDI modes, the user can choose one of the three possible modes 
(Childframe, Toplevel, Tab Page) either with the new window menu or the 
settings dialog. Using the window menu changes the mode immediatly, the 
settings dialog only takes effect at the next startup.
Switching to the SDI mode can only be done with the settings dialog.

During testing,  I came accross a bug which causes gideon to crash on leaving. 
The bug is located in the PartManager of kdelib-3.0.7. The PartManager does 
not inform its parts if it is about to be destroyed. Therefore, a part tries 
to access its PartManager, even if it is gone. The tiny patch 
"PartManager.patch" takes care of this. I put it to your ftp server and will 
send it to the KDE-Team as well.

I've added a view comments, mostly to the file "toplevel.h". The comments 
create a start page with doxygen. The comments still leave much to be 
desired, but it's a start.

To apply the patches:
In the kdevelop directory:
     	patch -c -p0 -i windowmenu.patch
	rm -rf parts/windowmenu
In the directory kdelibs-3.0.7
 	patch -c -p0 -i PartManager.patch

If you experience two window menus, you have to delete the windowmenupart 
pieces from your install directory:
File: 		$KDEDIR/lib/kde3/
Directory:	$KDEDIR/share/apps/kdevwindowmenu/
File:			$KDEDIR/share/services/kdevwindowmenu.desktop

Heinz Hornung

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