Kdevelop 2.1.3: Teasing you with my improved CodeCompletion ;-)

bretzel serge.lussier at videotron.ca
Mon Sep 30 17:36:03 UTC 2002

Hi there,

I had enough of having to go to QT/KDE docs when I need to have 
QT/KDE function prototypes... So I have modified my ClassPropertiesDlgImpl 
code and then CCodeCompletion file
to be able to call ClassStore with QT/KDE classes filenames. So -NO- need to
re-write the ClassStore engines. I just call it as I already do inside 

1 - It's not working %100 but yet it is far better than just having access
to Project's only class files

2 - My system is a PIII 800 EB with 512 MB SDRAM. the delay is not more than
 1 1/2 seconds on QWidgets child classes.

3 - I would find a way to identify the classe's owner of each items showed in 
the codecomp. popup list - like:
|"evenFilter()::QObject"   |
|"myfunct()::myClass"      |
|"myVar::myClass"          |
|[...]                     |
Then in CCodeCompletion code, filter the selected text to not grab the 
trailing "::ClassName"...
... Or maybe it is not worth it - I dunno.

Sorry for teasing you with that. I have attached my dekstop's picture to show 
you that I am not lying...


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