5 patches and 3 new files...

Christian Couder christian at kdevelop.org
Tue Sep 24 20:42:04 UTC 2002

Yann Hodique wrote:
> Hi,
> here is the summary ;-)
> - appwizard.diff fixes two bugs in appwizard (incorrect refresh of email
> for template usage, and bad gestion of the first "Next" button)
> - config.diff adds a new page "General" in Project Options for future use
> (version number gestion for example). the new page is defined in
> generalinfo* (to put into src/)
> - cpp.diff fixes a little mispelling in parts/cppsupport/Makefile.am
> - diff.diff fixes a bug in parts/cvs (bug when multiple arguments in cvs
> diff configuration)
> - dist.diff implements several features in parts/distpart (source archive,
> specfile and source/binary package generation, file upload)
> Please could someone apply (at least the bugfixes)?


First thanks for your patches.

But it seems to me that in your patch there are some "&amp" instead of "&", 
some ">" instead of ">" and so on. Perhaps there's something wrong in my 
config, but could you check ? Thanks in advance.

Also could you ask Coolo for a cvs write access. You need to send him a login 
and a crypted password (using perl -e 'print crypt("yourpass", "fr"), "\n";' 
for example).


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