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Sat Sep 21 00:37:04 UTC 2002


I once nailed this problem down. I could resolve it by modifying one file in 
the admin directory (I posted the patch a loong time ago to this list and 
might not have it any more but I did not look so far).  

Another way to solve this is to remove the TAGS file before building the 
distribution file. It might be necessary to perform an autoconf/automake 
step before building the distribution file. As far as I remember the 
autoconf/automake stuff picks up the TAGS file and generates a make-rule 
and the TAGS file somehow gets into the list of distribution files, thus 
the autoconf/automake step after removing the file.

Hope that helps without rebuilding ctags...

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>On Friday 20 September 2002 18:58, Roland Krause wrote:
>> There is a way that you can build exuberant ctags with etags support.
>> That is if exctags is build correctly, there will be an etags
>> executable that is linked to exctags and exctags will behave just like
>> etags.
>> KDevelop dependency on emacs, now that is crazy!
>Ok, got the point, but it's not crazy ;)
>There is a problem with the namespace.
>if you installing emacs you will get ctags and etags.
>but if you only installing exctags without etags support, you running into
> a problem.
>But i love conditional package systems :)
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