Bug#47193: Sometimes cursor disappears when switching from one file to another. Right-clicking on the text restores it.

Simon Ejsing simon at esoft.dk
Mon Sep 2 10:07:02 UTC 2002

	The bug might seem harmless... but if it happens during the close window 
function, then the focus is still places inside an already deleted window, 
and chosing close window once more will crash KDevelop.... It only happened 
twice for me, so no serious bug there, and if you are aware of it, it's just 
anoying you have to use the mouse to get the cursor to popup. 

	Another strange bug that might be related to it, is when you choose a 
tab-window and afterwards hold the mouse over another tab, then the tab will 
change from the current to the one the mouse is above when the tooltip is 
displayed, again this behaviour can be canceld by right-clicking in the tab 


On Saturday 31 August 2002 00:58, Roland Krause wrote:
> Afaik, no.
> the bug is hard to reproduce, so it is really difficult to find out
> what is going on. One needs to valgrind QextMdi but I fear the outcome
> of that would be to gruesome for mortals.
> Roland
> --- serge <omen at tut.by> wrote:
> > Hello!
> >
> > Is somebody working on a solution? Is there a workaround?
> > Heh, it's not really a problem, but it disturbs a bit :)
> >
> > On 30 August 2002 20:04, Roland Krause wrote:
> > > Yes this is a bug that's buried deep in QextMdi. I have the same
> > > problem on Mandrake-8.2 with KDE-3.1beta and KDevelop-2.1.3 as well
> >
> > as
> >
> > > on Solaris running KDevelop-2.1.3.
> > >
> > > Roland
> > >

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