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Am Tuesday 29 October 2002 13:39 schrieb GEHRMANN BERND:
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> > Subject: improvements in DocTreePart
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> > The patch contains changes in
> > DoctreeViewWidget::searchForItem ( const
> > QString& currentText ) and code to add/remove bookmarks for
> > the folder:
> > "Qt/KDE Libraries (kdoc)".
> That seems to be an unnecessary restriction. All items in the
> doc tree with a non-null url should be bookmarkable.
> (except for those in the bookmark branch, anyway ;-)

ok, it just was because I wasn't able to get the Doxygen folder working. 
Didn't want to do something which probably doesn't work.
So here another patch to enable bookmarks for any folder except for 

Additionally I tried to get htdig working and found the tool "kdevelop-htdig" 
in the doctree folder. Sadly it crashed on startup because of an access to 
KGlobal() before a KApplication wascreated ;(
So second patch for "kdevelop-htdig" :)
After finding the bug wich caused the crash I realized that it didn't find 
some files which are needed for htdig, maybe here a config widget for would 
be nice.

PS: Sorry for my bad english...

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Sebastian Kratzert

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