gideon general evaluation

Victor Röder victor_roeder at
Fri Oct 25 11:04:02 UTC 2002


>2. Plugin parts
>Does the kparts idea allow us to plug-in new project templates to kdevelop? If 
>that is the case maybe it would be the key to allow kdevelop to become a more 
>general developping framework. How about to open a new branch to include 
>support for Qt# projects?
In general you can add a new project template rather easily.
Indeed there are some non-KDE/-Qt project templates and Gideon could be 
used as a very general developing framework. I think that was one goal 
of Gideon :-).

>3. Makefiles
>b. I begin to add my *.h and *.cpp to the src. dir and to include them: that
>was ok and intuitively.
>c. Adding a new subproject was also completely straightforward, but deletion
>of it doesn't. I was not able to remove a newly created subproject.
>(talking about the kde app templates: I still don't get the whole idea of the 
>new dir tree. It would be nice to add some "help" at the corresponding pop-up 
>edition dialogs).
Yup, removing is still not implemented (except removing a file).
I will pick up this item these days. Remember: Gideon is in "alpha" 
state :-).

>4. IDEAl
>UI general new aspect was very nice and friendly. I found its space to be
>optimized. By the way, which kde widget do you use for the IDEAl ui? a custom
Yes, it's cool, but there are some things which have to be changed so 
that it's more supportive.
I think it's a custom widget (Matthias Hölzer-Klüpfel is the author)


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