Can't use the debugger in Gideon

F@lk Brettschneider falk.brettschneider at
Tue Oct 22 21:29:04 UTC 2002

Alexandros Karypidis wrote:

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>Hi guys,
>I don't want to rush anyone, but I'm interested in resolving bug:
>I'm not much of a developer myself (though I might become one if I ever get 
>Gideon to work and start learning!) :-). Anyway, I'm the person who submitted 
>the bug report and would gladly provide as much info as I can on this.
>The problem is that for some reason, the way I've setup Gideon it fails to use 
>the debugger probably because it sends incorrect parameters to gdb. I'm using 
>KDE 3.1 beta 2 SuSE RPMs and Gideon compiled from the source of the first 
>Alpha release. gdb is version 5.1.1.
>Thanks to all of you guys working on Gideon.
What happens if you load your program in gdb directly? Does that work?
gdb /path/to/program/yourprogram
 > run

F at lk

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