Extendion Gideon With Python or sth else

Jakob Simon-Gaarde jakob at jsg.dk
Thu Oct 17 21:53:05 UTC 2002

Is it possible to write a python script to enhance Gideon ?

For example I would like to select a piece of text in the editor and 
select the python script, then this script could modify this text ?

This would require embedding the python interpreter into the editor.
Not a bad idea at all though. Python is a powerfull scripting tool and
it would be nice to have a scripting language to interact with the
editors contents where no compiling/linking required.
I have used embedded python succecfully in many C++ applications 
requering continious functionallity alterations and/or additions. I then
write a pythonscript containing the new function, or edit an existing
script and update the remote host, job finished. No rebuild required.

best regards
Jakob Simon-Gaarde
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