[Bug 49205] Split the huge Gideon RPM in several RPMs

Victor Röder victor_roeder at gmx.de
Wed Oct 16 10:38:06 UTC 2002


> A good RPM configuration could be:
>  1.) "KDevelop core" (requires one of 1. to N.)
>  2.) "KDevelop-C++" (requires 1.)
>  ...
>  N.) "KDevelop-Java" (requires 1.)
>  N+1.) "KDevelop-useful-Addons" (requires 1. and one of 1. to N.)

if the costs for packing aren't that high, I'd prefer a seperation, too.
But until such time as we don't have a complete set of full-featured plugins
(or until we are in alpha state) we should publish all our parts.
The only problem would be the question: "Package which build tool plugin to
which KDevelop-Language-Package?" :-)

Just my two cents :-).


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