Using Qt Designer file inside KDevelop project.

Victor Röder victor_roeder at
Wed Oct 9 17:41:06 UTC 2002


For the second popup dialog you have to call

(pseudo code)

reviseDlg redlg ( objectOfBaseDlg ); // objectOfBaseDlg is the first dialog

What do you mean with "forcibly"? 

// Put this here in your constructor for example:
connect ( pushButtonThatPopupsTheSecondDialog, SIGNAL ( clicked() ), this, SLOT ( popupSecondDialog() ) );

That's no violence :-).

Maybe it's better you send in the code so that I could have a look

  Yes, that's my intension. I built the second popup dialong as same as I created the first popup dialog.  In the *.cpp file of ths first dialog object, I wrote the following sentence into the SLOT function which correspondences to the "click" button SINGAL. 

  reviseDlg redlg;


  reviseDlg is the class name of the second dialog object.  

  In addition, as I said, I added "connect" to forcibly combine SINGAL wiht SLOT. Although it works, I still doubt if it's a right way to active displaying a popup window.

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