Using Qt Designer file inside KDevelop project.

Victor Röder victor_roeder at
Wed Oct 9 11:07:04 UTC 2002

Douh! Sorry for the first mail (again).


Do you want to popup a second popup dialog from the first popup dialog?
Then you have to use the first popup window as parent for the second popup dialog.

Is that what you meant?

Maybe you send this code.


  I appreciate for Harald Fernengel and Victor Roeder's reply.  I have worked out my problem finally. Indeed, "mydlg.exec()" works,(Thank you so much)  However, I'm doubt in a point.  The popup dialog window can only be active when the parent is the main interface(or frame). If I want to click a button on the popup window, and again let it pop out a small window. It doesn't work. As you said, I should declare the parent, I'm sorry that I don't know exactly how to do it. The sentense you wrote can not be simply added into the code. Could you indicate it more clearly?   

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