Profiler support within Gideon

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I am not entirely sure how to go about this as I have been told that Gideon
does not use a straight KParts interface. I'm going to try and get some time
to look at how other components integrate into Gideon over the next week or
so then go from there.


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Yes, and yes!!!
I will try to help out with this if I may. I am using profilers a lot
these days and would be very interested in having this functionality. 


--- Colin Desmond <colin.desmond at> wrote:
> I am the maintainer of the KProf profiling front-end for a variety of
> profilers (GProf, FncCheck, Palm OS)  and I was wondering if it is 
> possible to include this type of functionality within Gideon (as a 
> KPart?)  and if so, is it desirable.
> Any suggestions?
> Colin
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