KDevelop 3.0 alpha release 1

Harald Fernengel harry at kdevelop.org
Mon Oct 7 12:47:03 UTC 2002


On Sunday 06 October 2002 18:43, Caleb Tennis wrote:
> 1. I assume we want to switch back to the name "KDevelop" instead of
> Gideon. Does anyone object?

hm... that would mean that you cannot use kdevelop and gideon parallel (at 
least not the average user that installs everything into /opt/kde3; and the 
packagers will have problems, too). Personally I don't like "gideon", but I 
think we should keep it until a beta release. Or maybe "kdevelop3"?

> 3. Min requirements are KDE3.0 and Qt3.0.5, correct?

hm, I ran into some troubles with this configuration, safe requirements would 
be KDE 3.1 and Qt >= 3.0.5.

> 5. Who is currently handling "bug maintenance"?  I imagine we're going to
> get a lot of bug requests and I'd like to know who current has the ability
> to reassign and close bug reports.

Everyone with a KDE CVS account has access to bugzilla. Just logon with your 
cvs userid under bugs.kde.org and start closing them. There is already a 
subproject "gideon" (which contains 4 bugs/wishes).

Falk, John Firebaugh and me usually try to keep the numbers down.

Best regards,

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