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Leslie Posey webmaster at nitenet.net
Sat Oct 5 15:50:06 UTC 2002

>From leslie posey
Please visit our site http://www.nitenet.net
send us an e-mail
you are not on a list this is a one time mailing
Typing in the wrong e-mail address could cause some serious harm.
Consider the case of the Illinois man who left the snow-filled streets of
Chicago for a vacation in Florida.  His wife was on a business trip and
was planning to meet him there the next day.

When he reached his hotel, he decided to send his wife a quick e-mail.
Unable to find the scrap of paper on which he had written her e-mail
address, he did his best to type it in from memory. Unfortunately,
he missed one letter, and his note was directed instead to an
elderly preacher's wife,whose husband had passed away only the day
before.When the grieving widow checked her e-mail, she
took one  look at the monitor, let out a piercing scream, and fell
to the floor in  a  dead faint. At the sound, her family rushed into the room
and saw this note on the screen:

Dearest Wife,
Just checked in.
Everything prepared for your arrival tomorrow.
Your eternally loving husband.
P.S.  Sure is hot down here.

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