Profiler support in KDevelop

okuti jbb at
Fri Oct 4 20:55:05 UTC 2002

Hi Colin,

Having profiling support in kdevelop would be an excellent addition!

Unfortunately, I've not been doing kdevelop development for a while due to 
work commitments, so all I can suggest is to get the latest kdevelop head 
source and go from there.

KDevelop is now using KParts components so if you turn KProf into a KPart I 
believe it should be easy to add.

subscribe to kdevelop-devel mailing list. That's where all the developers are 
located, and they will be able to help much more that I can currently.

Welcome :-)


On Sat, 05 Oct 2002 01:33, you wrote:
> John
> I am the maintainer of KProf at the moment and have just been trawling
> through the KDevelop forum where I noticed that there is some support for
> adding KProf into KDevelop as a plug-in. I am not sure how to go about
> this, any suggestions?
> Colin
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