Adding and removing many files

Victor Röder victor_roeder at
Thu Nov 28 11:30:05 UTC 2002


In Gideon there are two signals: emitAddedFile + emitRemovedFile ( const 
QString& ) for a single file.
But when adding/removing many files, emitting them isn't really good (IMHO) 
because if you want to proceed them further (e.g. for CVS) everytime a dialog 
pops up asking you something for EVERY SINGLE file.
How about having two additional signals:
emitAddedFiles/emitRemoveFiles ( QStringList )  ?
When, for example, removing a list of files, CVS would pop up only one dialog 
from the CVS part, asking if the QStringList of files should really be 
removed from CVS.
If there aren't any objections, I put it on my TODO.

However, Automake Manager could now remove targets (and their dependencies).
Note: I'm not an Automake guru so maybe there occur some errors! But some 
testing wouldn't be bad :-).


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