Gideon Docs

Caleb Tennis caleb at
Wed Nov 27 20:43:04 UTC 2002

> How did you implement this? In the index files?

Okay, the changes are (mostly) complete.  Look in /doc/std to see what I've 
got.  Basically I just have the toc and index files already created, and they 
get installed to where they need to go.  

If you notice, at the top of the files, a header points to the web site where 
it should locate those files.  Ideally, all we would have to do is change 
that to a local directory and it will look for the files on disk.

Thus, once I create a tarball where you can download the documentation and 
install it locally, all we need then is the ability to change this directory 
that the toc and index files point to.  It's that simple.

Comments from anyone?


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