Gideon toolbar icons on KDE-3.0.x

Simon Hausmann hausmann at
Wed Nov 27 11:40:05 UTC 2002

On Wed, Nov 27, 2002 at 11:27:02AM +0100, Falk Brettschneider wrote:
> > The reason why 3_0_BRANCH's am_edit does not process the icons is
> > not because of KDE_ICON = AUTO but because they don't have a known
> > prefix (you should see lots of warning messages when running
> > Makefile.cvs and force-reedit locally) .
> Yes, but this automatism doesn't do anything when the prefix is unknown. So
> it's unusable for us in this situation.
> Hint: It should treat it always and should fall back to the installing the
> toolbar-icon files to the default icon theme (which is hicolor on KDE-3.0).

I think it's better to fix the application :) (see below)

> > 
> > > Second, KDE-3.0.x has the hicolor icon theme as default. That's why
> > calling
> > > 'make install' for those crystal icon theme toolbar icon files
> > (cr16-....png,
> > > cr22-...png, cr32-....png) has no effect there. I found out that copying
> > all
> > > those files to the hicolor file prefix (hi16-....png, hi22-....png,
> > > hi32-....png) helps, and running Gideon succeeds for the loading of the
> > toolbar
> > > icons. At the moment only the cr... png files are in CVS. I thought the
> > best would
> > > be if ./configure creates symlinks with the "hi" prefix to all the "cr"
> > > files, to avoid a real copy. It's just necessary on KDE-3.0.x. What must
> > I put in
> > > or elsewhere to get the making-symlinks action during the
> > > Makefile generation?
> > 
> > I think the simplest thing is to avoid all those hacks and simply
> > depend on KDE 3.1 .
> I don't want to depend on a base which is under construction. It keeps me
> away from doing the actual things. ;) Second, the extensions of KDE-3.1 aren't
> actually used in Gideon. So why keeping the users of distributions of today
> away from Gideon? ;)

If you really don't want to depend on KDE 3.1 then the icons
shouldn't have the cr prefix. Simply rename them back to hi* and it
should work with both KDE versions.


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