some gideon alpha 2 problems

Harald Fernengel harry at
Sat Nov 23 14:48:04 UTC 2002


> 2. Project->New Project
> Create a project of your choice and select the next button. By
> default the Version control system is set to NONE. Change it to
> CVS to get the CVS config options. Now change the Version control
> system back to NONE. The Configuration option for CVS (lineedits,
> checkboxes) do not disappear and are still displayed.

This only happens when you use Qt 3.0.x since designer doesn't know about 
QWidgetStack. Upgrading to Qt 3.1 will remove this problem.

> Now to one very strange thing. opening a gideon alpha 1 project in
> ideal mode and closing it with Project->Close Project the
> project files are removed properly. However the ideal menu at the left
> hand side (Classes, File Group, etc) is removed, too. and i cannot
> get it back again. 

of course, the classes and file goups are project specific parts and require 
an open project.

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