"new project" lockup

Caleb Tennis caleb at aei-tech.com
Mon Nov 18 15:35:05 UTC 2002

> On Saturday 16 November 2002 21:43, Caleb Tennis wrote:
> > Whenever I select "new project" Gideon locks up on me.  I attempted to
> > run it in gdb to get a better backtrace, but it locks up gdb for me too. 
> > I can't seem to trace it or thwart it.  Does anyone else have this
> > problem?
> nope, although I'm running KDE HEAD and Qt HEAD. Can you use strace to see
> what is going on? Or maybe valgrind? Otherwise I suggest the good old "
> insert kdDebug() to see where it is hanging" method...

I'm using KDE HEAD and Qt HEAD too (well, Qt is about 3 days old).

The problem is in the dlg.exec() call in the appwizardpart.  Once it shows the 
app wizard dialog, that dialog gets the focus and doesn't let go.  It accepts 
to input to any of the lineedits, although I can resize the dialog.  If I 
close the dialog I get a crash, but it doesn't give any appreciable output.  
I'll try updating Qt to HEAD and seeing if that fixes the problem.


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