static library dependencies in gideon

Brian Gold bgold at
Sat Nov 16 16:14:03 UTC 2002

> > I actually built my "foo" example using libtool to illustrate the
> > problem.  KDevelop adds the line "foo_DEPENDENCIES =3D ",

> A bug which is now fixed. Writing a _DEPENDENCIES line means
> you want to *explicitly* switch off automatical dependency tracking.
> If you want automatical dependency tracking, such a line should
> not appear at all.

Fixed in CVS?  I'm looking at targetoptionsdlg.cpp, where the following
was introduced in version 1.13 (current revision) back in June.

if (new_dependencies != old_dependencies) {
 target->dependencies = new_dependencies;
// if( !new_dependencies.isEmpty() )
     replaceMap.insert(canonname + "_DEPENDENCIES", new_dependencies);

Looks like the line that checks for explicit DEPENDENCIES is commented
out, and was introduced to CVS that way.  Any reason why, or am I just
looking in the wrong place?

Sorry if I'm just skipping ahead of you and you've not committed new
changes yet.  We'll blame it on the time difference. :)


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