Building kdevelop parts outside of the kdevelop src tree

Harald Fernengel harry at
Wed Nov 13 13:25:05 UTC 2002


On Friday 08 November 2002 02:29, Brian Gold wrote:
> What is the recommended course of action for creating kdevelop parts
> (plugins) that will be distributed separately from the main kdevelop
> source? Currently, the appwizard part generates code that (as best I can
> tell) must be built within the kdevelop/parts folder, which seems a little
> restrictive as a wealth of parts may get built once gideon/kdevelop3 is
> stable...

since gideon is still in a flux, we don't have that yet. It shouldn't be too 
hard to create one, AFAIK it just needs some Makefile magic.

After the public API is frozen and we have some configure checks to find the 
right headers, it will be possible to create standalone plugins.

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