Also playing with Gideon

Sebastian Kratzert skratzert at
Fri Nov 8 17:35:05 UTC 2002


I found a few issues which annoyed me the last days:

-Difference Viewer doesn't change it's content when I diff a second time, even 
when the file changed since the last diff.

-MDI mode isn't saved properly. When I choose tabbed mode and restart Gideon. 
The mode was saved correctly and tabs appear. When I now restart again, 
Gideon starts with MDI without tabs.

-Does one of "Sourcecode Navigation" and "History" parts work?
My Toolbar shows nothing of them. A few weeks ago, I remember there were two 
arrows. ;)

-Would be nice if autoproject has a shortcut to build in the current folder. I 
do this often to avoid letting make pass all folders.



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