Compile error with current CVS

Harald Fernengel harry at
Thu Nov 7 13:43:04 UTC 2002


On Thursday 07 November 2002 13:18, Juanjo Alvarez wrote:
> [please CC me if you need additional info since I'm not subscribed to the
> list]
> The options used for configure were:
> alias configkdevelop='./configure\
>     --with-qt-dir=/home/juanjux/sources/qt-copy/\
>     --with-qt-includes=/home/juanjux/sources/qt-copy/includes\
>     --with-qt-libraries=/home/juanjux/sources/qt-copy/lib/\
>     --enable-javasupport --enable-scripting --with-java=/usr/lib/j2se/1.3/\
>     --with-pythondir=/usr/lib/python2.2/\
>     --with-pythondocdir=/usr/share/doc/python2.2/html/'
> versions:
> kdelibs: 3.1-rc2
> gcc/g++: Gcc 3.2.1
> qt: qt-copy as of KDE 3.1-rc2 CVS
> And the error was:

can you rebuild and show me the line where uic gets called? The reason for the 
build failure is that uic doesn't recognize the KDE widgets. Usually, uic 
should be invoked with the "-L/path/to/your/kde/stuff" so it can hande KDE 
widgets like KUrlRequester.

Best regards,

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