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Sebastian Kratzert skratzert at
Tue Nov 5 18:30:06 UTC 2002

Am Monday 04 November 2002 23:13 schrieb August Hörandl:
> Am Sonntag, 3. November 2002 21:34 schrieb Sebastian Kratzert:
> > I'm the new maintainer of doctree.
> just another idea:
> a "add own/custom docu";
> maybe even a "add library to project"-wizard which
>  - adds the include path and the linker commands
>  - adds entry to the document browser
>  - adds rules to configure

Well, I allready thought about adding custom docu. Would be a nice feature.
I have two possible solutions in my mind.
Ether, the user gives kdevelop a directory with already generated docu and 
kdevelop has to handle it.
Or to have, for example a "Doxygen" page in the wizard were the user has to 
setup doxygen for later docu making.

The first option would be harder to implement, because there are so many 
possible formats.



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