improvements in DocTreePart

Sebastian Kratzert skratzert at
Fri Nov 1 22:18:04 UTC 2002

Am Friday 01 November 2002 21:01 schrieb Victor Röder:
> Hi,
> > Now I have an account. :)
> > If you don't object, I commit myself.
> uff, how fast :-).
> Yes, just go ahead.
> Be a treasure and add a README file with your name and so on to the part
> directory.
> Thank you!

Hm, I currently don't understand all of doctreepart. For instance the doxygen 
folder. Is it still not fully implemented or do I make something wrong.
I was not able to let gideon displaying something in this folder.
What's the right way, creating the apidocs whith doxygen?
Whith kdoc I had no problem.

Best regards,

Sebastian Kratzert

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