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Sun Jun 30 21:37:04 UTC 2002

Bernd Gehrmann wrote:

>On Saturday 29 June 2002 23:00, you wrote:
>>John Firebaugh wrote:
>>>Why not save the UI state as part of the project file instead, and restore
>>>it after the project gets restored?
>>Imagine, users want to put project files in cvs.
>Project files do not belong in cvs, they are exclusively for user
Our company put .kdevprj in cvs because of several entries we didn't 
want to create 100 times new for each and every developer.
That's why I splitted .kdevprj into .kdevprj and .kdevses.

One example in a library project (a .kdevprj file) of the company:
Note it's different from any default settings KDevelop could set.

The appropriate entry in a Gideon project file (.kdevelop) would be:

In this example, how would Gideon avoid the manual project settings 
adaption after every single developer in the company checked out the cvs?

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