Victor Röder victor_roeder at
Sat Jun 29 14:21:02 UTC 2002


> personally i love the IDEA like user interface..
> why not make it the default for gideon?

Yes, that's what I prefer, too. But then there should be no edges where the 
user gets stuck and never accepts a new UI mode again...

> Hm, I "borrowed" the look & feel (actually, more the feel) from an IDE
> called IntelliJ IDEA. I didn't want to call it IDEA mode, and I think it is
> the ideal user interface for an IDE. But it has no real meaning besides
> that. Do you have a better proposal? I think that "tab zoom mode" is a bit
> clumsy.

No :-). I was just wondering. So the last letter in "IDEAl" is a little 'L' or 
a capital ' i '?
I would to say we name it "IDEAL mode" :-).

> Yes, I know. The problem is that at the time when the UI gets restored, the
> plugins have not been loaded completely. (The project specific are
> missing), so you have to select the right panel later. And if you don't use
> "Load last project on startup", the plugins might even not be there at all.
> I guess I can implement something that will "mostly work", and that should
> fix the other modes as well. I will put it on the TODO list.

Cool, thanks!


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