Bug#44455: Localized texts in library names in Documenation browser tab are not correctly displayed

visnovsky at nenya.ms.mff.cuni.cz visnovsky at nenya.ms.mff.cuni.cz
Fri Jun 28 11:19:02 UTC 2002

Package: kdevelop
Version: 2.1.1 (using KDE 3.0.1 -3)
Severity: normal
Installed from:    Red Hat Linux 7.3
Compiler:          gcc version 3.1 20020525 (Red Hat Linux Rawhide 3.1-4)
OS:                Linux (i686) release 2.4.18-3
OS/Compiler notes: 

In Documentation tab (Child frame mode),
Qt/KDE-Libraries, the names of subtrees are
not properly displayed: the localized 
characters (probably form translation files)
are displayed as ?. 
Strange is that "Qt Library" is displayed
properly, but "dcop library", "interfaces
library" etc are in Slovak displayed 
as "dcop kni?nice", but ? should be zcaron.
I've checked PO-file, but haven't found any problems there.

This is reproducable, I can provide a screenshot.

(Submitted via bugs.kde.org)
(Called from KBugReport dialog)

(Complete bug history is available at http://bugs.kde.org/db/44/44455.html)

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