TODO List KDevelop 2.1.2

Dirk Mueller dmuell at
Tue Jun 25 19:36:02 UTC 2002

On Die, 25 Jun 2002, W. Tasin wrote:

> could you please re-tag the actual kdevelop (KDE_2_2_BRANCH) to the 
> actual release tag.
> I've done two reviewed commitments to KDevelop.


P ChangeLog
P kdevelop/ckappwizard.cpp
P kdevelop/ckdevelop.cpp
P kdevelop/ckdevelop.h
P kdevelop/ckdevelop_noslot.cpp
P kdevelop/ckdevelop_project.cpp
P kdevelop/ckdevsetupdlg.cpp
P kdevelop/ckdevsetupdlg.h
P kdevelop/coutputwidget.cpp
P kdevelop/grepdialog.cpp
P kdevelop/kdevelop-setup.desktop
P kdevelop/kdevelop.desktop
P kdevelop/kdevsession.cpp
P kdevelop/wzconnectdlgimpl.cpp
U kdevelop/classparser/
U kdevelop/classparser/ClassParser.h
U kdevelop/classparser/
U kdevelop/classparser/tokenizer.l
U kdevelop/kwrite/highlight.cpp
U kdevelop/kwrite/highlight.h
U kdevelop/kwrite/kwdialog.cpp
U kdevelop/kwrite/kwdialog.h
U kdevelop/kwrite/kwdoc.cpp
U kdevelop/kwrite/kwdoc.h
U kdevelop/kwrite/kwview.cpp
U kdevelop/kwrite/kwview.h
U kdevelop/pics/misc/kAppWizard.png
P kdevelop/setup/ccreatedocdatabasedlg.cpp
P kdevelop/setup/ccreatedocdatabasedlg.h
P kdevelop/setup/ckdevinstall.cpp
U kdevelop/templates/kdemdi.tar.gz
P kdevelop/tools/
U kdevelop/widgets/qextmdi/src/qextmdichildfrmcaption.cpp

Do you really want such a large commit in the tarballs _NOW_ ?


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