kdevelop usable

Andrey Behrens Andrey.Behrens at gmx.de
Mon Jun 24 12:25:04 UTC 2002


I'm using very intensive Kdevelop 2.1.2

Cause I want to help the developers, I thougt to use the unstable Gideon. Just 
to make Bugreports and such a stuff.

But it seems to be to early. As far as I can see is Gideon much to unstable to 

Is that right?

Some crashs per day are not critical. But, for example, I can't save a file 
because it kill Gideon.

I'm trying to use Gideon with KDE_3.0_BRANCH (its very stable). Is the problem 
by me or is it an early bird problem?

Thank you

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